LINDO | Weighted Satin Flaxseed Eye Pillow

  • $11.50

The Weighted Satin Eye Pillow enhances sleep at home or when traveling. Simply place the eye pillow over the eyes for a relaxing sleep experience. The pillow is filled with Flaxseed to create the perfect weight with the help of softly satin to stimulate the vagus nerve via the eyelids. Place a cooled or gently heated flaxseed eye pillow over the eyes to help relieve headaches & migraines, pain, high stress, and sinus pressure.

*Directions for Use: Simply put it in the microwave on medium heat for 15-30 seconds. Make sure it's safe to touch by hand before placing the heated products over your eyes. To use as a cold compress place in the freezer one hour (preferably in a resealable plastic bag) before using.

Weight: 0.1 lb