INNERSENSE BEAUTY is designed by Mother Nature & inspired by love. Dedicated to personal attunement through the practice of self-care. Preserving the beauty of botanicals through conscious chemistry, Innersense Organic Beauty connects us to the high vibrational healing power of the natural world around us & the joyous love within us.

Nature is at the center of Innersense Organic Beauty. Innersence believes in choosing clean, pure beautiful haircare is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you & your hair. Our products are crafted from certified organic plant ingredients your hair will love in luxurious formulations that deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine & protection only Mother Nature can provide.

Innersense's unwavering commitment to clean, pure and beautiful is reflected in every aspect of every product, each formulated with the highest intention and purity, sourcing, harvesting & processing. 

Here’s what you can count on in Innersense Organic Beauty formulations:

Ingredients straight from nature, grown organically & sustainably without chemicals. Ethically harvested & sourced from trusted, transparent plantations, orchards & farms from around the world
Formulated through conscious chemistry; cold-pressed, distilled or otherwise processed without synthetics to preserve the purity
Formulated free of phthalates, ethoxylates, sulfates, silicones, 1,4 dioxane, parabens, petro compounds, propylene & butylene glycol, PEG, MEA, TEA, MIA, EDTA artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances
High concentrations of key ingredients mean less water
Gluten-free, cruelty-free & non-GMO