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Pura Luxe is the brainchild of Shiry Raz and Ofer Brami, two professional stylists, salon owners, and friends with over 40 years of combined experience. 

SHIRY RAZ is a celebrity hair extension expert and lead stylist at Piny Beverly Hills Salon in Beverly Hills.  She helps make the celebs camera ready while creating custom wigs for women who are dealing with genetic or medical conditions.  She strongly believes in creating a healthy, safe, and private environment for her clients to  feel and look their best in. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and business owner who strives to better people's lives by contributing to the beauty industry for the last 18 years. 

OFER BRAMI is an international stylist and salon owner. He has quickly become an expert in smoothing treatments and understanding the science behind how they work. He is the owner of T.G.S Salon in Valley Village and recently added a second location in Los Angeles. Ofer is a master educator, salon owner, stylist, husband and father who has been a part of an industry he loves for over 20 years. 

Both Shiry and Ofer are looking to impact the beauty industry by highlighting the importance of a non-toxic environment for stylist and their clients worldwide. They had a mutual frustration with the fact that they either had to give up offering smoothing treatments to their clients (and lose that income) or choose to sacrifice their health and the health of their stylists and clients. The could not handle breathing in those horrible fumes. The headaches, nausea, coughing, and complaints... it just was not worth it.  They talked about how amazing it would be if they can come up with a safe non-toxic smoothing treatment that actually worked and did what it was supposed to do.  They worked closely with a chemist and began testing different formulas. This was a long process but eventually they got it right.  The Non-Toxic Pura Luxe Amino Acid Protein Smoothing System was created. Not only did they create a non-toxic treatment, but it also could make hair smooth, frizz free, and even help repair damaged hair. 

Co- Founders Shiry Raz and Ofer Brami began their journey together as friends but soon realized that their little experiment can actually make a difference in the lives of stylists and their clients worldwide. They decided to make it their mission to expose the world to the possibility of such a revolutionary non-toxic treatment. 

After researching, and formulating, then testing, and perfecting, they are finally ready to bring the PURA LUXE PROTEIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT to the best salons around the world.

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Free shipping on orders $100+
100% Non-Toxic Products
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  • Free shipping on orders $100+
  • 100% Non-Toxic Products
  • Green Business Certified
  • Ships From Laguna Beach, California