Tata Harper

Tata Harper

100% natural & nontoxic skincare, cosmetics, & aromatherapy. We’ll never use synthetic chemicals & everything we make is formulated & manufactured by us at our farm in Vermont.

Their formulas are developed using the most advanced natural skincare technology available on the globe. They work with chemists, biologists, botanists & integrated medicine practitioners all over the world to stay on top of the latest natural ingredient discoveries, extraction techniques & preservation technologies so that they can bring you the most effective products available in the natural skincare market.

Synthetic ingredients & potentially harmful chemicals have no place in the products we use on our skin every day. Naturally derived ingredients are biocompatible with our skin & can deliver stunning results! We are committed to using natural & nontoxic ingredients for health & for the results they deliver, not so that we can advertise ourselves as “green” for marketing purposes.


Please call the Laguna Beach store location to order (949) 424-4266 

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