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Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit

A refreshing floral fruit scent with grapefruit and heady ylang ylang. Effervescent harmony is suspended on the skin, prolonging Summer’s abundance in the fruit orchard. Approximately 1 oz of solid perfume. This effervescent scent is cradled in the calming reds, pinks and whites of a scallop seashell.

Jasmine & Clary Sage

Born out of Dionysian evening delights: when chalices over flow and people wore scented crowns of jasmine. The height of jasmine’s intoxicating scent is produced at night under the full moon. On lifted toes, these illuminating floral notes intertwine with transcending clary sage. Youthful and sparkling. Approximately .75 oz of solid perfume. Enjoy this elegant all-natural perfume delivered to your senses in a bold sienna-speckled Cowrie seashell.

Vetiver & Lemongrass

Inspired by liberated and wild friendship on a motorcycle in India. Through the jungles we rode amongst reeds of lemongrass, while the fields of vetiver were redolent with the pristine earthiness of the tropical jungle. Reminding ourselves of the sweet grounded union that exists among friends; lemongrass’ citrus overtones are kindred to those of smokey vetiver. Approximately 0.25 oz of solid perfume. This grounding scent is held in an enlivened green turbo seashell that matches the perfume’s confident spirit.

Cedarwood Myrrh & Clove

Smokey and resinous evokes ancient tombs and temples. The earthy cloves dance with the resins, like the breath of a prayer, create an olfactory link to the dawning of civilized human society. Decadent and grounding. Approximately 0.35 oz of solid perfume. Our vibrant scallop seashells hold this powerful scent and come in an almost-infinite variety of colors. At this time, shell colors may not be specified for online purchases.

Rose Frankincense & Patchouli (.35 oz)

A larger version of Roots Rose Radish’s most popular scent! For salt of the earth people: firmly grounded and sensual. A rich resin base of frankincense and patchouli calls forth the forest and sacred temple. Combined with Rose Otto adds sweet and floral undertones. Dries down to the leathery scent of skin that has been amongst blossoms. Approximately 0.35 oz of solid perfume. An opulent pearlescent tortoise speckled seashell makes a perfect partner to the lush tones of this unique scent.

made in USA *shells vary slightly in color and size thanks to the beauty of nature making each one of a kind.

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