LINDO Spiky Jade Facial Roller

  • $14.50


This Jade Roller comes with one large roller and a small spiky head at the other end. Temporarily improves blood circulation, brightens skin tone, and promotes elasticity of the skin. Helps promote lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins. The natural cooling effect of the jade stone helps with puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. Due to the natural formations of the stones, each roller will be unique in size and color.


Use the soft spiky end of this roller to prep skin before applying lotion, serum or sheet mask on your face. Then use the large smooth side to massage, this helps product on your skin to sink in deeper, or smooth out the surface of the mask for better results


The spiky end of this Jade Roller is designed to be a more intensive massage to help with lymph drainage and blood flow. It is well suited for areas needing stronger stimulation.


3.2 oz