KAZUMI ROOT VANISH BY KAZUMI was designed & formulated by KAZUMI, the highly sought-after Beverly Hills master hair colorist. Kazumi has been at the forefront of hair color formulations, cutting-edge techniques, applications & revolutionary treatments for more than 20 years.

Root Vanish allows Kazumi’s clients & now everyone, to achieve & maintain a polished finish everyday. “I really want to create a beautiful brand that inspires our clients, I love the message that inner beauty is confidence, I always tell my clients to be strong, be confident! Great color can do this for anyone,” she says.

Contains Anti-aging Botanicals

22 Youth-Regenerating Asian Botanicals Blended to Enrich Hair, Roots & Scalp.
No fragrance. No silicone. Only natural, beautiful color.

At KIWABI’s laboratory in Japan, dermatology & hair care experts select the best & newest ingredient technologies to seamlessly blend mountain herbs, ocean minerals, Asian fruit extracts & tropical flower essences. The Result: A hydrating, hair smoothing, anti-aging the concoction that glides onto hair like a weightless veil with no sticky residue or risk of color transfer all day.

No silicones, no parabens, no fragrances & no irritable ingredients.

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