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ROOTS Hero Spotlight: Paul Stamets

ROOTS Hero Spotlight: Paul Stamets

We need to have a paradigm shift in our consciousness. If we don't get our act together and come in commonality and understanding with the organisms that sustain us today, not only will we destroy those organisms, but we will destroy ourselves.” - Paul Stamets


Nutrition. Emotional Healing. Neurological Rewiring. Plastic Decomposition. PTSD Recovery. Immune Boosts. Mushrooms provide humanity with a wealth of benefits and breakthroughs. Many of these discoveries are due to one man, known as "the mushroom man." Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author, entrepreneur, researcher, supplement-maker, activist, and leader. We celebrate him for the work he has done to bring the power of mushrooms to our society. 

Paul believes that fungi are THE solution for healthy ecosystems. We can help mushrooms and mushrooms can help us. Everything from environmental problems to emotional issues can be ameliorated with mushrooms. This complex and sentient kingdom helps us understand ourselves. 

Through his work and research with the fungi kingdom, Paul Stamets has drawn our attention to discoveries connected to fungi. Water filtration. Psychedelic compounds that can lead to deep healing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental/emotional disorders. Deadly Poisons. Minerals and vitamins. Nutrition breakthroughs. One of the most fascinating is his work with bees and solving colony collapse disorder.


Conversation is at the core of Paul Stamets' work. Without preservation of old growth forests, we are at risk of losing access to the wonders that mushrooms and old growth species provide us. 



1. Do not spray pesticides or herbicides on your yard

2. Get outside and get curious - learn about local plants + fungi in your area

3. Support education: Watch Fantastic Fungi

4. Donate to or volunteer for causes that support preservation of old growth forests 

5. Look into a high-quality mushroom supplement to receive benefits from the fungi kingdom


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