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Quench Collective Interview with Laura Linsenmayer

Quench Collective Interview with Laura Linsenmayer

Laura Linsenmayer // ROOTS The Beauty Underground

Quench Collective 
NOVEMBER 30, 2018

Laura Linsenmayer of ROOTS the Beauty Underground, is a force, she is a trailblazer in the non-toxic beauty space and is inspiring people everywhere to love themselves more through the use of clean products. I stumbled into ROOTS almost three years ago while on the hunt for non-toxic skincare. Only a few moments after meeting Laura, I knew the universe has brought us together - I had met a soul sister. 

Shortly thereafter, I had the honor of working at ROOTS. During that time, I was witness to some of the most magical transformations within the community and myself. Anyone who has visited ROOTS would agree that Laura does so much more than sell cosmetics. She has built a space that harbors self-love, kindness, community and support. She provides powerful knowledge to each and every one of her clients - customizing their beauty routine to be easy, effective and within their means. 

Sometimes the thought of taking care ourselves feel overwhelming, out of reach, or an ‘extra step’ in our already busy lives. Laura taught me the true art of self-care. Self-care is *not* about spending a million dollars on a face serum - it’s about finding the right one in your price range (to diffuse financial stress), then learning how to use it properly (so you can benefit from it’s ingredients), and then putting ‘intention’ into the act of applying it. She taught me how to elevate my every day routine to elevate my energy and live high vibrational lifestyle. And for that, I am forever grateful as it’s deeply influenced my journey and intention with bringing Quench to life.  

How did ROOTS The Beauty Underground come to be? Tell us your story!

I always like to say that ROOTS came to me through “Divine Intervention”. I was in my 10th year of being a licensed cosmetologist when I was first introduced to Organic Hair Color by a special group of women in a Los Angeles salon. My mind & heart were blown wide open! I thought to myself, “if organic hair color was available, why was everyone not using it!? This is where I began going down the rabbit hole of Green Beauty research. I had no idea that there were no regulations in the cosmetic industry, I had no idea that our mainstream cosmetics were loaded with cancer-causing chemicals! It was at this moment I knew what I had to do. It was then my obsession to create a space where the public could shop & have their hair done without toxic chemicals. That is how ROOTS began to take shape.

ROOTS is forward-thinking in that you offer high performing, non-toxic cosmetics, skincare, and hair care. What motivated you to pursue a business in this space?

When I realized I could continue to grow in an industry that came so naturally to me AND ALSO “do good” in the world - I knew ROOTS was going to be something special, not only for me but for the public, too. I had always heard the saying, “find what you love and figure out a way to make a living with it.” ROOTS was it. I had been blessed with this vision so set my dream into motion.

Self-care is the ROOT of self-love.

What is your advice to women who struggle with finding time for self-care? What are some of your favorite self-care rituals?

From my perspective self-care is the ROOT of self-love. I always say, “when mom feels good, everybody wins”. I spend my days and nights coming up with simple ways for women (and men) to implement beauty rituals into their daily routines - without making a huge production out of it. For example, face masking. If you know you are going to get into the shower in 20 minutes, quickly wipe down your face with an organic face wipe (my current favorite is Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wipes) then simply apply 1 thin layer of your face mask. Continue going about your business, then step into the shower and rinse it away. By following this system, you are eliminating the overwhelming process of traditional masking that can seem like such a chore!

How do you stay organized? Do you think organization and success are directly related?

I consider organization the ROOT of success! By staying organized I no longer waste time searching for things - frantically searching at that! I play this game with myself: I identify something that is causing me stress or anxiety, trace it backward and find a way to eliminate the cause. Nine out of ten times the cause of anxiety is being unorganized!

Which other female leaders do you admire and why?

I am so grateful to be involved in a network of local women entrepreneurs here in Laguna Beach. I am able to bounce ideas off of them and receive sage words of wisdom. These women have 10+ years on me and are a wealth of knowledge. Not all of them are in the beauty industry, but when it comes to business, it’s all relative. Dana Marron Founder of Laguna Supply & Sasha Plavsic Founder of ILIA Beauty, to name a few gems.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date?

Ooooh, this is a good one! The first thing that comes to mind is “SLOW DOWN”. I do NOT need to immediately respond or quickly make a decision - about anything! Going on hikes out in nature, clearing my head in the silence, this is where all the answers come.

Things may change and you must be adaptable, but have a clear plan of action. There are many moving parts when it comes to building a brand, be as organized as possible.

What advice can you offer to women who want a career in your industry?

Do your research! From the moment I decided that ROOTS was going to be my life’s work, I began taking notes. Breaking up each category, doing my research and strategically devising a plan. I now have our project (ROOTS) documented in a business plan format! Things may change and you must be adaptable, but have a clear plan of action. There are many moving parts when it comes to building a brand, be as organized as possible.

How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?

I have always worked in the cosmetic industry. Starting as an assistant and climbing the ladder into management. I would observe my superiors and keep detailed notes on how I would do things differently within my own business. A core, driving force of ROOTS was to be able to create a working atmosphere where I would lead with love and good intention. From my perspective and experience, being an effective leader requires being extremely self-reflective. Leading by example is the most powerful way to make an impact on a team.

How do you see Roots expanding? Where do you see it evolving in a year from now?

The sky’s the limit! Manufacturing our own line of products, opening multiple stores, traveling the country educating the public about the importance of Clean Beauty. I am not sure how it will all unfold, but I can say we will be 100% prepared for each new opportunity!

What does a day in the life of Laura look like? Take us through your ultimate day!

Oh wow. What's funny is my daily routine TODAY is very different from years past. I have learned that in order to maintain this kind of momentum I must stay very healthy and well rested. I exercise every morning before work. This routine has changed my life! Whether it’s yoga, spin or a hike, I get my blood pumping first thing! My morning shower meditation is key. This is where I take the time to get my mind right. Positive thoughts, raising my vibration, then it’s off to ROOTS where I get to play with makeup all day! After I eat a healthy dinner, I get into bed and consciously count my blessings. That’s how I keep this machine going.

Visit Laura and the ‘ROOTS Beauties’ at her flagship store in Laguna Beach, CA! Not local? Visit her website or give her a follow on Instagram to keep up with all things ROOTS!

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