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Cosmetic Detox at ROOTS The Beauty Underground

Cosmetic Detox at ROOTS The Beauty Underground

Jessica Peralta | February 2013 | Coast Magazine
Interview with Laura of ROOTS The Beauty Underground

As the beauty world explodes with more natural alternatives to the chemical ingredients often found in the cosmetics we buy for their promises of youth & good looks, Laguna Beach native Laura Linsenmayer knew it was time to bring these options together under one roof. Linsenmayer, a licensed cosmetologist since 2000, opened ROOTS The Beauty Underground – a nontoxic cosmetic store & organic hair salon – last year on August 1 with a mission of offering “nontoxic, healthy yet high-performance cosmetics” to Orange County. Placing high priority on customer education, Linsenmayer thoroughly researches each brand &  sections up products by price point & quality level to help consumers make more informed decisions. “There are so many wonderful cosmetic companies out there that are not flling products with carcinogens,” says Linsenmayer. “Why on earth would we slather ammonia on our body if there are alternatives?… It’s just plain logic.” Linsenmayer took some time from searching for the best in nontoxic cosmetics to answer some of our questions about beauty toxins & the alternatives.

Read more of Jessica Peralta's interview with Laura of ROOTS The Beauty Underground in the February Coast Magazine online edition on page 56

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