ZEN'AROME Crystal GuaSha

  • $17.50


Discover our Rock Crystal Gua sha Sun&Sia Gua Sha is available in a Rock Crystal version, the queen stone in lithotherapy with incredible freshness, its color is a soothing purity. This beauty/massage accessory from traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years.

Its literal translation means “scratch” (gua) the “ailments” (sha). Its shape is designed to perfectly fit the lines of the face. 


Simply clean and dry your skin well. Then apply a serum, oil or cream and massage the face using Sun&Sia Gua Sha. To make it easier for you to use it, discover in images the different movements to be carried out with the different zones of the Gua Sha.

Each product is authentic. The size and weight may vary depending on the stone since it is a handmade product. The hue may differ slightly depending on the stone.