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SNOW FOX SKINCARE | Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha

  • $22.50

Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass, naturally formed by lava. Due to this volcanic origin, it has excellent warmth retention properties, making it a premium "hot stone" for massages. In Crystal therapy, it is believed to have protective energies against mental stress and negative thoughts. In Feng Shui, it is thought to help clear out obstacles in one's career and life path. Its versatile comb shape offers 4 massage touch points as well as the flat surface for pressing against the sheet mask to help boost warmth and serum absorption.


1. Soak Hot Stone in 110F water (not boiling) for 2 to 3 min 

2. Place Sheet Mask over cleansed, dry face

3. Retrieve hot stone, dry quickly and press 5-10 sec over sheet mask, focusing on pores / blemished areas

4. Gently massage over sheet mask in outward strokes

5. Remove after 15-20 min and rinse face with cold water to cool

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