PRISTINE HYDRO | Magnesium Bicarbonate w/ Silica

Electrolyte Balance is predominantly Magnesium Bicarbonate and Silica, with traces of Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium Bicarbonate all blended in accordance with our proprietary methodology. This unique formula by PRISTINE HYDRO re-creates the same optimum circumstances nature uses to properly deliver Bicarbonate Salts and Silicic Acid, a bio-available form of Silica, to the human body.

According to Mt. Sinai, 90% of Americans have a Magnesium deficiency. This is synonymous with diabetes and many cardiovascular problems. Magnesium Bicarbonate has been known to reduce insomnia, headaches, and inflammation. It also aids with memory, focus, and relaxation.

Add this to water for maximum hydration & replenishment. 

Size: 16.9 oz

(Sold individually, not in pack of 2.)

Ingredients shown in image.