AGENT NATEUR | Holi (Trinity) Travel Set

  • $150.50

AGENT NATEUR Holi (trinity) Travel Set is their 3-step best-selling regimen that is beautifully packaged together.

Behold the holi (trinity), a restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois for ambient, supple skin. Their coveted holi (water) is rich in pearl powder and pitaya to gently exfoliate and brighten, while lavender and cucumber alleviate the look of irritation. holi (c)—our potent blend of calcium and vitamin Cquells the appearance of acne and stimulates the look of collagen production, while holi (oil) fortifies with nutrients and antioxidants to rehydrate, soften, and illuminate the appearance of the complexion.


holi (Water): rosa damascena (rose) distillate, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) distillate, sodium hyaluronate, hylocereus undatus (pitaya) fruit extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, rosa damascena, jasmine sambac, pearl powder, organic honey, santalum album (sandalwood), glycerin (vegetable), *benzyl alcohol, *benzoic acid,  ( *preservative that is Ecocert approved in europe for organic cosmetics)

holi (C): French patented calcium (derived from vegetables, ECOCERT approved, non-go sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

holi (Oil): organic oryza sativa, organic rosa mosqueta, calcium ketogluconate, wild crafted rosa damascena, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, organic helichrysum gymnocephalum, wild crafted santalum album oil.