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Zyderma Web Feature - Consult a Professional

Zyderma Web Feature - Consult a Professional

Consult a Professional When it comes to skin care there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding your body and how it works is critical especially when you suffer from acne prone and problem skin. At Zyderma we have an amazing and growing group of professional Stockists - naturopaths, dermatologists, pharmacists, medical aestheticians, estheticians & skilled make-up artists – all who can help you each step of the way toward achieving your skin care and wellness goals.

Is searching for products that are non-toxic part of your process? We have specialized stockists to help with that too! Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California to celebrate green beauty in all its wonder at Credo Beauty. I know that sounds fluffy but it's true. The fact that nontoxic skin care “clean/green/mindful beauty” is becoming mainstream is a testament to the power of the consumer and to the brands who rise to the challenge of providing ethical and high quality products.

With so many fabulous options how does one choose? That's a great question.

We gave you the answer! Using myself as an example… After my kids were born I developed allergies & intolerances to a wide range of natural ingredients which is frustrating and seriously limits my options for nontoxic personal care products. To get by, I read labels… ALL labels. Once I’ve found something that works I tend to stick with it because the thought of switching seems daunting.

What truly baffles me though is make-up. I have my conventional standbys that work and don’t cause reactions, but they make me shudder because I know I can do better. There is a plethora of clean beauty manufacturers and a multitude of colour variations but I am completely dumb-founded. How do I choose and commit to a purchase? Once again, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Taking the advice to consult a professional, and the opportunity to see a little more of California, I visited with another of our specialized stockists in Laguna Beach, California. Roots the Beauty Underground, is a Non-Toxic Cosmetic Shop & Organic Color Salon, filled with curated collections of luxurious offerings. Owner, Laura Linsenmayer, is a dedicated advocate for detoxing your entire beauty routine. She has been instrumental in educating people of all ages, and shifting their mindset toward the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Tamara Taylor (Sr. Makeup Artist) & Grace Blacksea (Operations & Event Director) were not at all phased by my list of “ingredients to avoid” including soy, flax, jojoba oil, shea, almond, walnut, cane sugar… just to name a few; in fact, as it turns out, I am not alone. The challenge was embraced as they carefully read labels and amazingly found fabulous solutions for every aspect of the makeup application.

My visit to Roots included a makeup tutorial captured on video, a service offered at Roots. This was a key factor for me as a consumer because I learned how to apply the makeup and could see how well the colour selections looked on my skin. Sold! Seriously, can you imagine how long it would have taken with trial and error to find just the right product from 7 different brands (not including my own)? I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about it.

I’m incredibly grateful for the time and thoughtfulness I received from Laura’s team. This was an experience I’d wish for anyone, especially when feeling at a loss. Thank you, Grace & Tamara!

The moral of the story is to consult a professional when you have questions or concerns about your wellbeing. Don’t let yourself get stuck in old unhealthy habits, wondering what you should do next. Simply get started by making an appointment, ask for a skin analysis, a consult to discuss how you’re feeling, the symptoms you may be experiencing, a problem you’d like to conceal. Take the first step by visiting our Stockist page for a listing of carefully curated skin care professionals located near you. It could be a step toward something amazing!

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