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WOLF'S EYELASH | Spirit Fire
WOLF'S EYELASH | Spirit Fire

WOLF'S EYELASH | Spirit Fire


Spirit Fire is the ultimate emotion potion so that you can actively live as you truly are in the pureness of the core self. It contains; Ethiopian Frankincense for spiritual wisdom, Italian Blood Orange for spontaneity, French Ocean Pine for self Identity & Italian Bergamot to help "Let it go"

Are you feeling confused or disconnected from your deeper self? Have you lost some of your fire along the way? Freshly blended with intention this original perfume spray is crafted with the finest 100% natural, certified organic & wildcrafted plant ingredients. A holistic potion brewed to nourish the self, spirit & mind with true medicine & magic; evoking energy & emotion as well as providing therapeutic healing powers. Each application is a personal, sacred & protective ritual.  

1 oz


Organic Grape Spirits (pure, triple filtered), fragrance (100% natural essential oil blend

WOLF'S EYELASH | Spirit Fire

WOLF'S EYELASH | Spirit Fire

WOLF'S EYELASH | Spirit Fire
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