WOLF'S EYELASH | Manifest Destiny

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WOLF'S EYELASH Manifest Destiny is the ultimate emotional potion made to Actualize you soul purpose in life & make it happen.It contains; Madagascan Ylang Ylang for a pure heart Indonesian Ginger Root for empowerment, Turkish Myrtle to mobilize the soul & Moroccan Blue Tansy to actualize you fullest potential.

Feeling lost or struggling to find your path? Freshly blended with intention this original perfume spray is crafted with the finest 100% natural, certified organic & wildcrafted plant ingredients. A holistic potion brewed to nourish the self, spirit & mind with true medicine & magic; evoking energy & emotion as well as providing therapeutic healing powers. 

Each application is a personal, sacred & protective ritual.

10 ml


Organic Grape Spirits (pure, triple filtered), fragrance (100% natural essential oil blend)