• double sided rose quartz roller

Double Sided Smooth Rose Quartz Roller


Double-Sided Smooth Rose Quartz Roller   aids in a number of benefits including:
  •  Helps de-puff by draining the extra fluid that collects around your eyes & cheeks.
  • Aids in absorption of oils & serums, meaning less waste & way more effectiveness
  • Loosen facial muscles by putting pressure on certain points of your face can relieve tension. 
  • Increases Circulation & increases blood flow

Naturally cooling & non porous this stone help de-puff the skin.

Use the large side of the roller around chest & neck, rolling quickly & gently to help increase blood flow, with a few extra strokes on key areas such as the jawline & cheekbones.

Use the smaller roller around you eyes, working from inside the eye, out, & over the brow.

Remember to always roll up & out!