Obsidian Roller Double Sided Smooth Roller

  • $27.50

Obsidian Double Sided Smooth Roller is ebony in color & it has the most powerful energy of all the crystals. It brings skin imbalances such as acne, psoriasis, & eczema to the surface & releases them from the body. It extracts negative energy which, some experts say, is beneficial to your muscle tissues.

If you desire a crystal more for its healing abilities, you will benefit from the black obsidian face roller in many ways. It can promote balance & inner-peace within the body & has healing powers that can improve your mental well-being (stress, anxiety, etc.) & increase confidence.

It also has the potential to improve your skin. The black obsidian face roller minimizes pores, prevents breakouts, softens skin & hydrates skin. For a more radiant complexion, apply a face oil, serum, or night cream onto your skin.

To use gently glide the crystal roller over your face in outward motions, moving toward your drainage point.