KAILO | Solar Plexus Roll-On

  • $35.50

KAILO Heart Essence Roll-On concentrated, aromatherapeutic blend to be used like perfume, while simultaneously bringing a powerful dose of balance to the chakras. Our Solar Plexus Essence delivers highly effective aromatherapeutic & energetic medicine to the solar plexus chakra by either opening it, clearing blockages within it, or taming it when excessively active

This blend has a fresh, bright, lightly citrus aroma.

With Jojoba Oil as the carrier oil, this Essence is rich in beneficial minerals, Vitamin E, &  antioxidants. The most similar oil to human sebum, Jojoba Oil is lightweight, non-greasy & easily absorbed, making it the ideal oil for aromatherapy & well suited for those with sensitive skin.

Combined with organic essential oils & energetic/vibrational infusions, this Essence will restore balance to the solar plexus chakra, leaving you full of strong will power, confidence, playfulness, & a heightened ability to take action & meet challenges.

10 ml


Tips for Use:

Apply roll applicator to skin & move in a small circle.  Breathe deeply, visualize the color indigo, & repeat to yourself either the bija mantra OM &/or the affirmations.


High Vibration Infusions:

Crystal: Citrine

Color: Yellow

Tibetan Singing Bowl Musical Note: E

Bija Mantra: RAM

Affirmations: I do.

I am confident & strong.  

I have the power to manifest my desires.

I have the power to grow & evolve.

Organic Unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil, Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Essential Oil