KAIA NATURALS | The Takesumi Bright Kojic Acid Brightening Bar

Looking to lessen dark pigmentation on your skin in a safe and natural way?

This safe and gentle brightening body bar minimizes the appearance of dark spot pigmentation without the use of toxic or irritating brightening ingredients traditionally found in brightening bars.

This brightening bar had been dermatologist tested and is considered non-irritating. The natural bar may be used on dark spot pigmentation found on:


-Elbows & Knees

-Inner Thighs


It can also be used on blemish marks left behind from:

-Ingrown hairs

-Insect bites

-Bacne (Back Acne) Scars

-Chest Acne Scars

-Buttocks Blemishes


Formulated with kojic acid and licorice root extract, two natural and effective brightening actives.