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JM STYLE HOUSE Lip Stain uses a proprietary blend of luxurious, vibrant staining pigments are naturally derived & deliver a velvety-lacquer like finish without feeling dry or tacky. 

Tips + Tricks: Apply Directly to lips. Start in the center of the lips & smooth outward toward corners of the mouth. To build volume, start at the center of the lips. Using a minimal amount of product, create top lip volume by starting at the outer corners & smooth inward toward cupid's bow. Allow product to set for about 45 minutes for maximum non transferability. This time frame allows the product to gently Hydrate, Plump & Anti Age R E M O V A L

Tips + Tricks: Oil based remover is recommended to gently remove JMSH Lip Stains, effectively.   These Lip Stains are infused with:

  • Nourishing oils that stimulate circulation for natural plumping & hydration
  • Conditioning Vitamin E & Refreshing Peppermint Oil
  • Anti Aging Fatty Acids & Amino Acids
  • Quartz for Positivity, Harmony & Energy
  • Transfer Resistant, Water Resistant & Long Lasting Color

These Lip Stains are also formulated:
Paraben, Gluten, Phthalate, Soy and Sulfate Free
Free of Glycols and PEGs
Not Tested on Animals

9ml /.30 fl oz.


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