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Non-Toxic Services

Fresh & Flawless

Organic makeup for graduation, prom, parties or any special occasion. 

60 Minutes  $60

Glowing Goddess

Bring in a photo for inspiration or allow one of the ROOTS Beauties to customize your look.

90 Minutes  $90

Eyes on the Prize

Includes concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. 

25 Minutes  $25

Makeup Application

Makeup application by the minute.

1 Minute  $1

Clean Your Beauty Routine

Bring your makeup bag with you (including makeup brushes) & we will assist in customizing your clean cosmetic swap outs! A detailed ROOTS client face chart will be customized & kept on file...think wish list!


Empowered Through Education

Learn how to master the art of your anatomy with a one-on-one ROOTS makeup lesson. 

90 Minutes  $90

Brow Grooming


Brow Organic Tint


Organic Mini Facial

1 Minute   $1

Ear Seeds 

Without the use of needles, ear seeds are placed on certain points proven to balance hormones, calm the nervous system, clear stagnation, move lymphatic fluid and encourage blood flow.

24K Gold  $5

Crystal  $9


Appointments are only scheduled by phone.
(Please no email, texts or DMs.) 

(949) 424-4266