Despite what your mother may have said you don’t have to suffer for vanity – especially when it comes to cosmetics & beauty products. Sure, we all may have one or two all-natural lotions or potions in our bathrooms but what about detoxing your entire beauty routine? Ready for a makes-sense makeover?

Owner Laura Linsenmayer, a Laguna Beach native, is committed to cosmetics that are as clean as possible as well as to high-performance results. 

At ROOTS we are all about education!  The education of toxic chemicals to avoid, the statistics on the health & safety in the cosmetic industry & most importantly the education of self-love through self-care. 

Laura and the ROOTS Beauties strive to heal through their art. Using integrity, intention, & education, all ROOTS Staff are dedicated to providing a valuable & truly unique beauty experience that leaves anyone visits feeling educated, enlightened & empowered about self-care.

All of the ROOTS staff or "ROOTS Beauties" are personally trained by Laura & are dedicated to finding the "ROOT" of their client's problem.  Laura & her staff combines logic, common sense & simplification, to accurately diagnose & educate their clients on their specific beauty needs.

Laura & the ROOTS Beauties consultations are delivered with a healthy dose of common sense & customization. The philosophy of ROOTS is centered around putting the logic back into beauty while promoting self-love.  

ROOTS looks forward to building life long relationship of education, empowerment, and self-care with our community & clients. So come down to ROOTS in Laguna Beach and come play with us!



As part of our commitment to non-toxic living, we have compiled our Dirty Dozen List. 
The top 12 Chemical Ingredients you want to avoid in your cosmetics



-top 12 chemicals to avoid in your cosmetics-