BLESSED·ED BOOCH (pronounced 'blesid') is an artisan, hand-crafted, small-batch kombucha company fueled by a bubbly passion to make all humans healthier. That passion started in a small kitchen grew into a slightly bigger kitchen, and now, lives lovingly in your refrigerators & beauty cabinets.

Our booch is “farm to bottle,” meaning the flavors are inspired by the local, seasonal offerings from our network of small, family, & non-profit farms. We work closely with these farmers to bring you a product that we describe as – better than organic, because although they may not have the monetary resources to provide the USDA Organic seal, they use old world practices & are located away from commercial farmland, protecting against cross-pollination from GMO & pesticide using farms. 

Bless·ed Booch also use crystal singing bowls in our fermentation chambers which exude a healing matrix of grounding, peaceful energy.  Together these techniques are intended to create high vibrations of healing energy to promote optimal cellular function & an overall blissful sensation.

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